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posted by: Mancheser/Salford Shadow Box - By Megan Fletcher(Aged 17)
added: Saturday 25th May, 2013

I am a student at Pendleton College studying A-Levels, one of which being my favorite hobby. (Photography) For my Photography exam, I designed a 3D piece which answered the question of 'convey the impact of an inspirational visit.' I wanted to base my Photography project/exam piece on my love for my home town Manchester. I wanted to focus on architecture - new and old, as well as the music which has brought Manchester to what it is now. I am personally inspired by the regenerated Manchester. Another personal interest of mine is history - I am a member of the Irlam and Cadishead History Society. I wanted to focus my exam piece on a juxtaposition of new and old Manchester to for-fill the exam question 'convey an inspirational visit.' I wanted to compare new and old Manchester. By a display my own photographs, as well as showing old photographs which I collected from numerous sources to create my own archive. I wanted to show my photographs in a 3D shadowbox, contrasting new and old.

PLEASE take a look at my shadow box.
Black and white photographs are NOT mine.
The colour ones are all taken by myself.

Thank you,
Megan Fletcher

Comments (1)

I am delighted to read about Megan taking an interest in old and new,Irlam/Manchester.Good luck with your endeavours.

Posted by: L F Irlam - Thursday 3rd October, 2013


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