England are going to win the 2010 World Cup…

..except after the first games performance, it seems very unlikely.Where did you watch it? Which pub had the best atmosphere..

The big question is, if we can’t deal with the mighty USA, how will we cope against Germany, Ghana, or should we reach the final.. Spain.

And plenty of commentators seem happy to blame the ‘new style’ football for Green’s inability to get his body behind it. Nonsense. He messed up.

But, there is hope. After watching Algeria and Slovenia struggle to hit a barn door with a football for 90 minutes, England should be confident of knocking plenty of goals past both of these teams – with the aim of topping the group on goal difference and avoiding Germany in the next round.

Hopefully by then the teams confidence will be higher and we will cope easily with any team we meet. Argentina, Brazil or Spain on route to the trophy.

It’s true, England are gonna win the cup. Now can somebody switch them trumpet things off?

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